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Creation Myth
Birth of woman

The creation of the world is as told by the prophet Sapidus:
In the beginning there was Iodon who lived high above the clouds. He purged his body of all flesh and resources and birthed the people that would soon live on a new planet. Each person had an amount of god potential, some more than others. The ones with the most elected themselves to create a planet for the others to live on. Savdar was elected to become the sun goddess and Manrad was elected to be the moon god. They used their power to summon four Humongos that each represented an element: fire, water, land, air. Each did their but each also had traits passed on from the gods and had to be punished.The land Humongo was tied under a peninsula, the air humongo was embedded inside a rock, only to break free once she's withered it down to nothing, the fire humongo is chained in the deepest ocean with the largest boulder ever and the water humongo was chained up by clouds and ice and was sent into the atmosphere. It is said everytime he struggles to break free, it rains.

Life after death? Laminirians sure thought so:
When the gods created the planet, they knew some of the people would not last forever. They created a land deep within the planet's core. The people would be transported there by Froths through the underground tunnels after proper burials. The land known as Ismai is ruled by Ismitan, a human like creature of great strength with the head of a bat and the arms of a bear. His weapon was a large piece of sharpened bone made from the bones of an extinct water serpent. The dead would be brought here and Unyas would locate them in various areas and they would sit there until Ismitan would visit and reincarnate the bodies as he sees fit. They would reincarnate into various things based on how they lived their previous life. The highest one can be reincarnated into is a complete god but it is very rare so the next best thing is demi-god and/or human. Any being reincarnated into a lower animal will have to achieve at least 400 more reincarnations before coming back at least as a human.

The legend of Lurkinnog:
It is said that Lurkinnog used to be a peninsula off the coast of the southern part of the world, It bordered a desert and eventually broke off into an island. People claimed the island would drift anywhere it so pleased and sometimes it would go underwater! The hero Jideiro was known as the one who witnessed the island break apart and even got on it. A rare species lived on the island, known as Grundles.

The race of Grundles:
The Grundles are a race of odd people. The males are green and short, usually 3 feet tall but the females look just like a human female. The main difference? They age slower. Grundles are typically peaceful and live their life in isolation from the rest of the world but until the hero Jideiro disturbed them, they became fierce and hostile. Grundles are the only ones that can tame Horseteals.

These creatures might look like a dragon facially but they behave more like a horse. They have mandibles for grabbing their prey and they can use their tails like whips. Once tame, anyone can hop on one and ride it.

Birth of a woman:
In the early days when Iodon purged himself, only man existed. People but the high gods continued to purge themselves to populate the planet but this proved futile. Holgbarth, the first man to have great strength was also the first to reproduce with a woman. He had fashioned an axe of great might and only he could wield. One day, his neigbor who was a boy was being very unruly and Holgbarth couldn't think of any other way to calm him so he dropped the kid on the floor, grabbed his axe and struck down at the kid's genitals. All manlihood was lost and the kid was left with a wound. Holgbarth then proceeded to copulate with the now young woman and woman has existed ever since.

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