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Extra Art

Here will be all fan art sent to me or art made by me.

Here is a wonderful piece by Jason MacalusiousPherson that captures the spirit of the comic!

What's this? That is what happens when low budget local commercial ad people get stuck in large intestines! A big thanks to San Sebastian Mateo Figureskater.

Some people don't realize how long the rape went so a kind Mr. Benicio Fergustus III decided to depict the grueling event.

An old friend decides to go into a more psychological approach to this very complex character. Cheers to Matticus Hoffwoman.

Hark! Matticus surprises us with another one of his famed portrayals of life within the ghetto that is Laminir.

Caution! This avid fan proved to me that Jideiro was not only a great warrior but a great strategist that took caution to everything. A big gracias to Matiny Mendolzsahn.

Get it? Matiny shows us why the comics have been changing its look so much, DO YOU GET IT NOW?

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